A leader in aerospace for a long time.

“Man may set foot on Mars, but he’ll go through Hancock County, Mississippi to do it.”

– Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant

Leading aerospace companies across the world are increasingly establishing a presence in Mississippi. Our state’s business advantages, – low operating costs, minimal tax burden, easy access to U.S. and international markets, and proximity to important military installations – have attracted numerous aerospace companies to Mississippi. These companies are thriving as a result of Mississippi’s productive, well-trained workforce.

For years now every commercial airplane in the world has had at least one component made in Mississippi

Mississippi is home to some of the world’s most renowned names in aerospace: GE Aviation, Airbus Helicopters, Rolls-Royce and Lockheed Martin. All rely on our skilled and productive workforce and comprehensive workforce training, supportive business environment, strategic location, low startup and operation costs, and cutting-edge R&D.

But aerospace isn’t new to Mississippi. We have a long history of being a leader in the sector. Take a look at this impressive timeline (click to enlarge):


Learn more Mississippi’s thriving aerospace sector.


Information courtesy of the Mississippi Development Authority

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